busy weekend

Last weekend, I attended the Ilon Valkeat event in Oulu, Northern Finland. This is a bi-annual wellbeing event that offers lectures and workshops covering a range of ’new age’ practices, as well as presenting possibilities to try out new treatments and products. As a practitioner, I found this a great opportunity to introduce crania-sacral therapy to people. I attended the event as part of the Neo Eheä Olo team and gave 15 min taster treatments.

Although this is only the second year that Ilon Valkeat is running in Oulu, it was attended by more people than I had expected. It seems that there is a lot of ’awakening’ happening in this area. This is the first time I have attended the event and came away full of energy and inspiration. People seemed curious to explore what health and wellbeing meant to them personally. They arrived ready and willing to explore the new experiences which were on offer. I was certainly busy throughout the weekend.

I will definitely be there when it returns in the Autumn. I am curious to see how Ilon Valkeat continues to develop.

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