Pregnancy is very special time with many fast physical, mental and emotional changes taking place often in an unfamiliar way. Each woman, of course, experiences pregnancy differently. Some sail it through in happiness with very little physical complaints, whereas others might suffer from severe sickness, continuous back pains or mood swings all the way through.

I am currently expecting my second child and this time round I feel much more prepared and relaxed. This is also probably to do with the fact that this is my second child and I generally feel less worried and anxious about the new baby.

During my first pregnancy I suffered from sciatica for half of the pregnancy and nearly a year after giving birth. This is how I came into contact with cranio-sacral therapy in the first place and ever since it has been an important part of maintaining good health for me. Each pregnancy is, of course, different, but I believe that the use of homeopathy and regular cranio-sacral treatments together with sensible exercising and stretching have kept my back pains and other typical pregnancy-related complaints away and allowed me to enjoy this pregnancy more.

What have the cranio-sacral treatments given to me during the pregnancy? I feel that it is helping my body to re-align and relax physical tensions and strains that the growing abdomen causes throughout my body, in my legs, back, neck and shoulders. It also gives me time to relax mentally and I feel that in the treatment sessions I slow down quite considerably, making me feeling less stressed and helps me to sleep better. These are, of course, personal experiences and the treatments can help others in a very different way.

In order to encourage women to try cranio-sacral therapy as a way of looking after themselves, I have decided to offer discounted treatments to pregnant women, babies and small children up to one year old throughout May 2013.

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