tired Autumn

I recently moved back to Finland after living in Britain for the last 18 years. One of the things that I had missed whilst living in Britain and had forgotten how powerfully it affected me was the drastic changes in the light between the four seasons in the North. We moved to Finland in early Summer when the sun didn’t go down at all. I gained an incredible amount of energy and I had to be very disciplined to go to sleep at all in the night time. We are deep into the Autumn now and the light is disappearing fast. I can feel that it is already affecting the level of energy I have and how much more I want to sleep.

Suffering from lack of light related low moods or even depression is not uncommon in this part of the world. Lack of light can make you feel more sleepy, sluggish and unmotivated. However, there are many things that can be done to fight the winter tiredness. Exercising outdoors, a sensible diet and supplemented vitamin D have been found to help most. Some people find help from special lamps that are designed to mimic sunlight and stimulate the brain.

I have found that cranio-sacral therapy helps with my energy levels. Treatments realign my body and dissolve restrictions, improving the blood and energy flow in the body. During a treatment I usually also drop into a very deep state of relaxation that energises me. Afterwards I feel like I have had a deep, deep rest.

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